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Privacy aside, when I think of the plight of creators they need to hop on the latest bandwagon. But the network effect of the bandwagon is never a meritocracy.

I've even been attacked on substack notes for sharing to writers that doing marketing on threads might be a good idea. Anywhere a potential audience congregatess is a good place to self-promote.

The fact that there is so little choice on the internet and this is facebook is of course unfortunate. If people are going to attack me on substack notes for giving advice to creators, I'm probably going to have to focus on threads instead.

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On balance, Threads seems better than Twitter, but still social media. There are fewer and fewer places like Substack that encourage longer-form conversations, and more and more Reels/Tiktok/don't think too much apps. I'm glad we're here, sort of standing against this trend, although it sometimes feels like a piss in the ocean.

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